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At Pallavi, we ensure that children get access to state-of-the-art facilities and a hygienic environment.

School Facilities/Amenities

School building


P.P play area


Labs- Math, Computer, Science

Dance, Skating


Sports infra


Sports form an integral part of any school. The campus is equipped to provide space for several indoor and outdoor sports activities. We have courts for basketball, volleyball, cricket pitch for net practice that gives students a unique choice of enjoying. Skating ring for the skaters, indoor games as Chinese checkers, caroms, table tennis, and chess. A structured sports curriculum is followed that moulds student’s skills in a particular sport to perform excel.


Pallavi International School provides a safe & secure transport facility to students from all parts of the city. We have high-end buses that cover the entire city.

10:00 a.m - 04:00 p.m


The classrooms are spacious, airy and well-ventilated. They are well equipped with lockers. They provide a neat and clean ambiance to the children enabling them to develop academically and socially in a friendly atmosphere. The furniture in the classrooms is so designed that the children don’t spoil their posture. The teacher is also encouraged to alter the settings of the furniture as per the need and desire so that children can sit and work in groups which makes learning a pleasurable pursuit.

Computer Lab

Children expand their horizon as they learn the science of computers and demonstrate their practical usage with the help of computer lab. Children are taught how to draw using Paint Brush, Basics of text formatting using Ms Word, Concept of spreadsheets using MS Excel, making lively and effective presentations using Ms PowerPoint, basic programming using languages such as HTML and Python. Multimedia and basics of Internet access etc. taught by experienced and skilled teachers.

AV Room

Commonly Known as Audio Visual Classes . All subjects are taught through visuals, such as Pictures, animation ,short films and virtual labs. The impact of visual learning is indisputable.


We do have special time DEAR Drop everything and read. To encourage reading among students. The library has been set up with a wide range of collection as story books, reference, academic books, and no usual material, journals, periodicals. Apart from these we also have daily newspapers, magazines and encyclopedias. Each student is guided by the librarian to select class appropriate book to update their knowledge.


The School has a large play ground which is divided into two corners. One for K.G. Sections with swings, slides, see-saw etc and other corner for the Higher sections with Volley Ball and throw ball nets, Kho-Kho poles ,Kabaddi court etc. Training is given to the students by qualified and experienced physical instructors. It has a good number of indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carroms, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders. It also provides Basket balls, Foot balls, Badminton rackets, Volley Ball net etc for outdoor games.


Expression is an art form and what better way than to show it in the form of dance. The school thus encourages those interested to step on to the stage and get proficient in the form that inspires the most.

Art & Craft

All children love to create art and make things. In younger children playing with arts and crafts inspires creativity while helping them to focus their mind and complete a set task while Elder children can begin to gain an understanding of artistic and design skills that may affect their future educational choices.


A healthy mind and a healthy body help one to live better. Keeping this as a mantra. The school also conducts Yoga classes for students to stay fit and healthy.


The accumulated teachings and benefits from Karate can help pupils in all areas of their lives. We see a remarkable improvement in them as they grow from week to week into very confident young adults and valuable members of society, empowering children to achieve everything they dream of becoming. We train the students and improve the prospects of students is a passion of ours. We know that through Karate children are able to not only achieve a massive improvement in their grades but also, it helps them in their life in the following areas; Self Esteem and Confidence, Focus and Self Discipline, Physical and Mental Strength, Emotional Stress and Health, Honesty, Self-awareness and Respect and Self defence.

Field Trips

Educational Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum at Pallavi International School Chintal. Field trips are organized periodically to broaden the horizons of the students. Children eagerly look forward to their field trips and excursions which provide a right combination of learning and entertainment. They provide ample opportunities to optimize concept development through active and explorative experiences and at the same time enhance their interpersonal skills as they learn to interact with their peers, teachers and other adults outside the realms of the regular classroom. It also fosters a sense of team work and increase children’s knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live.


Chess is one of the oldest and most respected games. It exists as pure strategy, relying solely on the player wits and ability to counter his opponent moves to achieve victory. Chess has been compared to everything from classical warfare to an ever-changing form of art.

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