Our teaching methodology

Use of Audio & Video Tools

The classrooms at Pallavi are digitally enabled to give children the best possible learning environment. The environment is changing today, and we are facilitating this change by adopting the latest methods in teaching.

School Clubs or Groups

The best learning happens when it is hands-on and there is scope to brainstorm, this is why we encourage students to form clubs and groups on our campus. This helps stimulate their brains and enjoy the process of learning.

Let children do what they love

Love is a big motivator for most people. Why not extend it to the world of learning? We at Pallavi believe that the learning process should not be filled with dread, but rather with curiosity and passion.

Our Curriculum

Filling the first years of schooling with wondrous moments

Young kids learn through playing. Apart from gaining knowledge in the letters, numbers, colors, shapes and so on, we have curated our program to expose them to the real-life skills of socializing and sharing.

Unlocking the mysteries of the world

With a higher ability to picture the concepts they hear, the curriculum is designed to show children how the world works. We teach them through themed activities linked to ideas which a child can associate with and learn. The children are given a strong base of elementary education about STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Building intellect and securing the future

Secondary education is where the students reach their fullest potential in all areas. By giving emphasis on science and technology, we stimulate their intellect and help them identify their passion. We encourage a positive learning space that focuses on the emotional aspects of how to fit into society and even give them the wings to solve the problems in society.

Competitive Examinations

The school encourages students to take part in various competitive exams/Olympiads conducted by external organizations every year. These exams are scientifically designed and are skill-based assessments which are conducted after a detailed study of the syllabi of different central and state boards. Rather than testing rote learning, it focuses on measuring how well skills and concepts underlying the school syllabus have been learnt by the student. The test provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and also entire class and their relative ranking in the entire country.

Examinations conducted in 2022-23:

IGKO     :     International General Knowledge Olympiad

IMO       :     International Mathematics Olympiad

NSO       :     National Science Olympiad

IEO        :     International English Olympiad

NCO       :     National Cyber Olympiad

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